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Flowing River is a remote, echo lodge abundant in wildlife and nature. The resort offers 5 star impeccable accommodations, service, spa treatments, guided hikes and total relaxation. The suites are beautifully furnished and decorated, and a welcome escape to unwind.



I enjoyed one of the most relaxing and stress-free times of my life while staying here. The flowing river behind the resort lulled me to sleep every night and I woke each morning to the sounds of birds singing. If you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten path to relax and rejuvenate, this is the place!



On the 12 hour plane ride to Ecuador, South America, I was nervous, very nervous.My aunt had moved there because she was building a hotel. At first, I was excited, but I noticed all the houses were metal shacks. Then I became nervous and thinking it would be a horrible week full of bugs.

It was a two hour drive to the jungle. I started to relax and enjoy the view. There were trees as tall as skyscrapers and tons of beautiful exotic birds and animals.

Suddenly, we stopped. I looked out and my breath was taken away. It was amazing. There was a waterfall, I could hear it crashing down behind us. The hotel caught my eye. It was a very modern looking two story building, almost looking like a large home. I walked inside, not knowing what to think.

When I first walked inside, I didn’t know what to think. The balcony loomed in front of me, commanding attention. Walking around, I noticed one or two unfinished rooms, many are finished. A lot of things weren’t clear, but I knew I would have fun.



This place is sacred. I had one of the most memorable moments of my life while hiking and swimming at the Twin Waterfalls near the resort.



This was a beautiful resort in a serene environment in the jungles of Ecuador. The staff was very gracious and took us on an unforgettable jungle hike. The combination of seeing the local lifestyle and the resort visit was amazing.