Why simply take IN the view, when you can take ON the view? With 14 different zip-line excursions to choose from, you can truly feel at one with the wilderness as you soar across the canopy of the magnificent Andes.


Every picture you take at the Mariposas de Mindo, the Butterfly Garden, will be tagged as #unfiltered. This truly radiant sanctuary is inhabited by over 100 exotic species of butterfly—over 100 chances to experience the majesty of Ecuador’s wildlife up-close.


Our specialized staff will take you on guided tours through exotic hiking trails all along the jungle highlands. Start your morning off with your heart pumping as you climb higher into the Andes. Then swing by the Twin Waterfalls for a swim as you soak in the abundance of pure, clean air and sunshine.


If you want to explore Ecuador’s wilderness at high speed, there are many bike/quad paths for thrill-seeking guests to explore. Whether you’re bird-watching on a mountain bike or stirring up dirt on a quad runner, there are many chances for you to breeze through the scenic jungle at your own pace.


If you want to streamline your relaxation, our resort rests alongside flowing rivers, where you can rent a tube and gently float down the river bend. After all, the easiest way to go with the flow of your vacation is to take a repose down the river.