Ecuador Adventure Retreat

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in conjunction with Yogic Studies and Flowing River Retreat Presents: Ecuador Adventure Retreat.


Join Joey Paz (RYT-500) in the oxygen-rich rain forest of Cotacachi Province, Northern Ecuador, for 9 days of yoga practice, study, and deep rejuvenation. This retreat will combine maximum comfort with the opportunity for intensive practice and study of yoga at the pace and comfort level of each attendee. In addition, optional daily excursions into the breathtaking rain forests and volcanic landscapes of Ecuador, led by professional local guides, provide an opportunity for attendees to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. For this retreat, we are thrilled to be partnering with Seth Powell of Yogic Studies, one of the world’s leading scholars of Yoga, to provide the most up-to-date, cutting edge, and in-depth explorations into the history and philosophy of the yoga practices that we all know and love.


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This all-inclusive getaway will include:


+ Daily Yoga practice in the traditional and therapeutic methods of Ashtanga Yoga, including asana, mudra, pranayama, and mantra


+ Luxurious resort hotel accommodation with swimming pool, jacuzzi, & sauna


+ 3 nutritious, gourmet meals per day with all diet types accommodated


+ Round-trip transportation to and from Quito airport*


+ Daily excursions into the epic landscapes of Ecuador with professional local guides


+ Download of the groundbreaking documentary, “Mysore Yoga Traditions”


+ Lifetime enrollment in “YS 101: The History & Philosophy of Yoga,” the Harvard-level online course curated by Seth Powell of Yogic Studies, one of the world’s leading scholars of yoga history and philosophy, for continuing study


*must arrive and depart at designated times before and after retreat


Bedroom - Ecuador Adventure Retreat


About Yogic Studies:


Founded by Harvard PhD candidate Seth Powell, Yogic Studies is an educational platform dedicated to providing the highest quality and most cutting-edge online courses and trainings in yoga history, philosophy, and Sanskrit language for yoga teachers and students around the world.

Explore the rich and multifaceted roots of yoga’s past in premodern India.

In addition to daily online lectures during the retreat, all attendees will receive access to FREE LIFETIME ENROLLMENT in YS 101: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Yoga- an 18-Hour, Harvard-level online immersion course featuring the latest research in global yoga studies.

In this course, you will be guided through some of the latest and most exciting research in yoga studies—illuminating yoga’s past and present. Along the way, we will uncover the incredible ways yoga has changed, innovated, and been adopted by millions of practitioners over the past 2,500+ years. At the end of the retreat, students will receive lifetime access to the entire course, including bonus material, an online community of students and scholars worldwide, and a plethora of resources for deepening your study of yoga.


As part of the retreat, we will also be screening “Mysore Yoga Traditions,” the groundbreaking yoga documentary co-produced by Joey in Mysore, India.

Mysore Yoga Traditions is an inquiry into the cultural background of yoga in Mysore, how it has evolved, and the philosophy upon which this global practice rests. The film is an intimate glimpse into the yoga of Mysore as the elders, scholars, philosophers, yogis and spiritual leaders of the community express their views on what yoga is, its original intention, and how they feel about the way it is being taught and practiced around the world. Much has been said about yoga in Mysore by western scholars. Now it is time for the people who are the keepers of this vibrant yoga tradition to speak about how they see their own legacy. Click here to learn more about this film project. All retreat attendees will also receive a free download of the film!


Complete Program Schedule & Syllabus


Day 1: Sunday, March 3 (Arrive at Hotel)


4-5:30pm – Welcome & Introduction – Alternative Ashtanga: An Introduction to the Life & Teachings of Sri BNS Iyengar

5:30-6:30 – Dinner

6:45-8pm – Yogic Studies Lecture 1: What is Yoga? An Introduction to Yoga in Theory and Practice



Day 2: Monday, March 4


7am-9am –  Primary Series as taught by BNS Iyengar
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10:30-12  –  Patanjali’s Yoga: Exploring the 8 limbs of Ashtanga

12-1pm    –  Lunch

1:30-3pm –  Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama

3-5:30pm –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner
6:30-8pm –  Yogic Studies Lecture 2 – Forest Ascetics: The Early History of Yoga


Breakfast Meal - Ecuador Adventure Retreat


Day 3: Tuesday, March 5


7am-9am –  Primary Series
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10-2pm    –  Cotacachi Coyapa Waterfall hike with Picnic Lunch
2:30-4:30 –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice
4:30-5:30 –  Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner

6:30-8:30 –  Yogic Studies Lecture 3 – Stilling the Body, Stilling the Mind: The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali


Day 4: Wednesday, March 6


7am-9am –  Primary Series
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10-3:30    –  Nature Excursion (Location TBA) with picnic Lunch
3:30-5:30 –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner

6:30-8:45 –  Yogic Studies Lecture 4 – The Song of the Lord: The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga of Devotion


Yoga Studio_Ecuador Adventure Retreat


Day 5: Thursday, March 7


7-9am      –  Primary Series
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10-2:30    –  Salto del Tigre excursion with Picnic Lunch
2:30-4:30 –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

4:30-5:30 –  Yoga & The Sun: Surya Namaskar, Mythology & Mantra

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner
6:30-8:30 –  Yogic Studies Lecture 5 – The Yoga of Force: Medieval Tantra and Hatha Yoga


Day 6: Friday, March 8


7am-9am –  Primary Series
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10:30-12  –  Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama
12-1pm    –  Lunch

1pm-3pm –  Live Ecuadorian music or cultural excursion

3-5:30pm –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner

6:30-8:30 –  Yogic Studies Lecture 6 – Yoga in the Modern World: The Rise of Modern Postural Yoga


View of the River_Ecuador Adventure Retreat


Day 7: Saturday, March 9


7-9am      –  Primary Series
9-10am    –  Breakfast
10-4pm    –  Nature Excursion TBA with picnic lunch
4:30-5:30 –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

5:30-6:30 –  Dinner

6:30-8:30 –  Behind the Scenes of “Mysore Yoga Traditions”: documentary screening, discussion, Q&A


Day 8: Sunday, March 10


7am-9am  –  Primary Series
9-10am     –  Breakfast
10:30-12   –  Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama
12-1pm     –  Lunch

1:30-3:30  –  Live Skype Q&A Session with Seth Powell of Yogic Studies

3:30-5:30  –  Free pool/sauna/jacuzzi time or Mysore practice

5:30-6:30  –  Dinner

6:30pm     –  Free time for packing and preparing for early departure to Quito the next morning



Day 9: Monday, March 11


4am         –   Leave for Quito

9:30am    –   Ride up Quito Teleférico (Cable Car) to Rucu Pichincha Volcano
10-11am  –   Pranayama/Om chanting on Rucu Pichincha Volcano, overlooking

                    the city of Quito from one of the most panoramic viewpoints in all of


11-11:30  –   Retreat conclusion, farewell ceremony, yoga photos on volcano
11:30am  –   Ride back down the cable car, where transportation to the airport

                    will be waiting for those flying out that day. For those staying longer

                    in Ecuador, additional guided activities will be available

                    (not included in the price of the retreat).


All-inclusive price:


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