It is important, both for you and for us, that you read all the information on our yoga retreats before you enroll, in order to understand how we work and the attitude behind our teachings.

When we have received your enrollment form and payment for the retreat, you will be emailed a confirmation with further information. Reserve a place in good time. Courses often fill quickly.

In the event of a course being fully booked, we can:
A. place you on a waiting list;
B. refund your full payment, in case you have paid.

Your enrollment is only valid when:

We have received your fully completed enrollment form – And should you decide to cancel your course booking after we have received your payment and confirmed your place on the course, your deposit will not be refunded.

Should you leave the course at any stage, no fees are refundable, regardless of your reasons for departure.

These conditions are to ensure that you will participate in a course with people who have also made a commitment to fully absorb what we teach. At the same time, if ensures that we can continue to keep our prices as low as possible.


As a guarantee for my participation in the course I have chosen, I send you the application fee. I understand that the application fee is non-refundable if I should change my plans.

I understand that the course fee is the same no matter how long I am on the course. The full course fee is considered an entrance fee, and I understand that I therefore will not get any money refunded regardless of when and why I have to leave the course.

Application Form

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We offer newsletters with information about upcoming courses etc. The newsletter will be sent to your e-mail address approx. 4 times a year.

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